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Weekly Hemp Wrap – May 24, 2014

Weekly Hemp Wrap is brought to you by FirstGen editor Bo Shaffer

On Friday, Kentucky State Agriculture Commissioner James Comer succeeded in forcing

the DEA to release almost 300 pounds of imported experimental hemp seed from Italy.
Seeds will be delivered for pilot projects all across Kentucky.
State of Michigan next one to jump on the hemp bandwagon, as legislature votes to legalize
industrial hemp research. Michigan joins South Carolina and Hawaii in passing similar
legislation to Colorado and Kentucky.
Nutraceutical company Cannabis Therapy Corp. Has entered into a lease agreement with
Ryan Loflin’s Rocky Mountain Hemp to access acreage for growing CBD enriched strains of hemp.
NB-300-14-36, an NCRS issued memo relating to the refusal of Federal Agencies to assist in any
Marijuana/Cannabis cultivation, seemed to include hemp and local agents threatened to pull all
assistance from hemp farmers. The Agency Director responsible for the memo was contacted
and, after some discussion and fact finding, an amended memo was released, removing the
word “Cannabis” from the title and adding a paragraph clarifying that it does *not* apply to
hemp, which is now Federally approved.
Saturday, 5/25, Rocky Mountain Hemp Association will hold it’s annual meeting at a
member’s house in Denver.
This coming Sunday, May 25th at 12 noon, Jim Denny with Mile High Hemp, LLC and
Erik Hunter with the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association will be hosting a hemp planting
ceremony at his property in Brighton, Colorado.
The address is 15285 Boston St, Brighton, CO Here’s a link to the map:
Mile High Hempfest is scheduled for August 1-3 in South Park, Colorado.
Weekend Hemp Wrap is brought to you by FirstGen
editor Bo Shaffer
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