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Glenwood Springs, CO

Summer Star Haeske

Summer Star Haeske has spent many years working alongside the ‘pioneer of hemp’ in the United States, Ms Barbara Filippone (her mother) in all areas of the hemp industry.  She was an essential ingredient in the opening of EnviroTextiles more than eleven years ago and has assisted in all phases of the company as well as the development, sales and importation of hemp textiles.

Summer’s responsibilities include maintaining production for EnviroTextiles stock , new product development, Sales & Marketing as well as International and Domestic Transport codes and logistics worldwide.  Summer Star is currently supervising our sales team overall and is passionate about marketing hemp for a better sustainable future. As a current board member of HIA (Hemp Industries Association) she continues to educate the public about the product’s environmental, health, and biological advantages.

Polyurethane Foam Alternative

Enviro-Fiber Foam™

Enviro-Fiber Foam™ is our latest naturally developed product.  We combined the durability of coconut fiber with a natural latex to produce a multi-purpose high density “green” fiber foam product.  Enviro-Fiber Foam™ is the first eco-friendly alternative to Polyurethane Foam.

The applications for Enviro-Fiber Foam™ include any traditional fiber foam application, such as mattress padding, upholstery padding, sound proofing, etc..The ceiling tiles in the image to the left are built from our rigid natural foam.  Other application possibilities for our fiber foam may include:
•    Composite
•    Car panels
•    Seating
•    Wall Paneling
•    Soundproofing

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